Over recent years, mediation and arbitration have become increasingly utilized to resolve all varieties of cases. There is good reason for this. Mediation and arbitration offer a cost and time effective manner to address even the most difficult of cases.

Mediation “Mediation is a voluntary, multi-faceted, and confidential process in which a mutually-selected, impartial mediator helps people involved in controversies to reach an outcome of their own making, which may include the resolution of issues and the preservation of vital relationships. Mediation has the broadest application and the greatest potential for resolving disputes and reconciling conflicts.” (www.aaamediation.org)

Andrew Berg is certified by the American Arbitration Association as a mediator in the area of labor and employment matters.

Arbitration “Arbitration is the private, judicial determination of a dispute, by an independent third party. An arbitration hearing may involve the use of an individual arbitrator or a tribunal. A tribunal may consist of any number of arbitrators though some legal systems insist on an odd number for obvious reasons of wishing to avoid a tie. One and three are the most common numbers of arbitrators. The disputing parties hand over their power to decide the dispute to the arbitrator(s). Arbitration is an alternative to court action (litigation), and generally, just as final and binding (unlike mediation, negotiation and conciliation which are non-binding).” (www.aaamediation.org)

Andrew Berg is on the roster of neutral arbitrators for the American Arbitration Association and a member of the Rhode Island Mediators Association. He is also on the Rhode Island Superior Court Annexed Arbitration Panel, as well as the Rhode Island Bar Association Fee Arbitration Committee.